The Ramah Prophetic Institute is designed to teach, mentor and stir up the gifts that are in you.This curriculum is designed for those who are involved in five fold ministry as well as believers who are in pursuit of a greater understanding of their gift, purpose, anointing and assignment 


Students are trained to distinguish between the voice of God, voice of self and that of the enemy, as well as how to function on a prophetic presbytery, identifying their unique gifts and developing them, understanding their role and function in the local church alongside their set man or woman. In addition students explore the many ways that the father communicates to his children, enhancing their ability to discern atmospheres, and identify each five-fold ministry offices.

If that were not enough we also deal with the anointing, discerning the will, way and timing of God.


This class is truly remarkable!
Call us now to register at 718-654-4789. After registration you will be able to order your manual and CD’s/DVD’s.

If you’d like to schedule a workshop at your church, ministry, or plan a weekend event with us at a local hotel conference center, call us at 718-654-4789. 12 week/6 week or 3 session classes are available.
Please click on the following links for excerpts from Ramah Prophetic Manual: