Women’s Ministry
Our Women’s Ministry is designed to foster continued fellowship and training in order for each of our ladies to identify their God given purpose, anointing, gifts and assignments and walk out the  will of God for their lives.
Real Talk Team
The Real Talk Ministry, founded by First Lady Doreen Roberts, is a sub-group of the Women’s Ministry that focuses on the emotional, mental and physiological health of the individual through targeted group sessions and conferences.
Team Members:
Lady Doreen Roberts- Founder/Overseer
Liset Reid, Angela Sharpe, Min. Chris James, Min. Stephanie Roberts, Deac. Kerlisha Broomes
Men’s Ministry
Our Men’s Ministry is designed to challenge, develop and support our brothers in their role as prophet, priest and king in their homes.
Missions Ministry
Our Mission’s team is engaged in both national and international endeavors such as crisis response, orphanage support, ministry training, and other social programs expressing the love of Christ.
Team Members:
Clair Francis- Home Missions Director
Deac. Samuel Broomes- Foreign Missions Director
Carlissa Burrell, Sashana Miller, Yvonne Chambers, Leslie Bell, Judith Smith
Intercessory Team
Team Members:
Elder Barbara McGainey- Lead Intercessor
Sandrow Parkings, Catherine Crawley, Flolette Rowley, Tamar & Adrian Bernard, Penny Lambert, Min. Stephanie Roberts
Ushers / Security
Team Members:
Min. Chris James- Department Head
Carrie Wilcox, Victoria Olugbeko, Sharon Muschett, Shanae Crawley, David Bell, Ashley Brimm, Sashana Miller, Juan Rojas, Nathan Rankine, Lloyd Brimm, Adrienne Roberts
Children’s & Youth  Ministry
Kidz Revolution is designed to take our children on a journey where they can encounter the Father’s love through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.
• To discover their identity, be equipped and released to fulfill their “Royal 
Mission,” bringing Heaven to earth. 
• Kidz Church Services impart & reveal Kingdom truths; God’s love & power and is an 
opportunity and place to encounter God’s presence, and be equipped & empowered to fulfill their divine purpose.


 KidZ Revolution
Team Members:
Lady Doreen Roberts: Department Overseer
Min. Marianne Soler/Min. Antonio Soler – Team Leaders
Young Adult Ministry
The Young Adult Ministry seeks to empower generations through the teachings of the Word of God, and with guidance of the Holy Spirit; reach the world through actions that uplifts Jesus Christ and expand the Kingdom of God; connecting desires to purpose and destiny. The Young Adult Ministry stands on the core values of Ramah’s leadership that our lives should reflect vision, integrity, accountability, community and excellence.
The Young Adult Ministry goes under the Group Title; “Persuaded”, taken from the scriptures Romans 8:38-39. It’s purpose is to raise up young adults throughout our churches and communities to be steadfast and developed leaders and to affirm unique gifts and talents that would edify the Body of Christ, His love and Deity.
Prophetic Arts Ministry
The goal of the Ramah Prophetic Arts Ministry is to operate as a unit and as a team to bring another dimension of worship into the atmosphere. The Prophetic Arts Ministry consists of the Praise & Worship Team and the Dance Team.
Praise & Worship Team
Team Members:
Min Jeremy Ricks, Stacy Smith, Min Kendra Ricks, Min. Loni Rojas, Shaneek Williams, Yvonne Chambers, Simone Watson, Nicholas Packer, Chris Wright, Jeremiah Mitchell
Dance Ministry
Finance & Admin Team
Team Members:
Deac. Kerlisha Broomes- Administrator
Angella Davis, Dawn Brimm, Clair Francis, Penny Lambert
Media Ministry
Team Members:
Min. Antonio Soler, Liset Reid, Tyler Vassell, Jamal Buchanan, Maya Monasterial, Shanika Brown, Victoria “Bukky” Olugbeko, Deac. Kerlisha Broomes